ScrapDish is having a call

…and you could be one of them! You won’t find nicer owners than Rachel and Correen, and Kim (the CT leader) is just the greatest. I enjoyed my (almost) year on the ScrapDish CT, and I know you would, too. 🙂 Hurry though! The call ends on Saturday the 18th!

I also wanted to share a few pages from my CT. Dawn, Lorraine, and mizamigo created these great pages using my “Owl Always Love You” kit (click to see a larger version):

And Lorraine also scrapped this cute page using my brand new “Aurora Florialis” kit:

We had quite a full weekend. Friday night was a music alumni concert at the university my husband and I both graduated from as music majors. We had a few friends performing in it, so my husband went to the performance while I stayed home with the kids. The next morning, Jacob and Cassidy had their first 4H meeting. They seemed to enjoy themselves, and I am excited to see some of the changes that have been made since I was a member back in jr. high and high school. When the meeting was over, we headed home and rested a bit that afternoon we got together with a couple of our college buddies. They haven’t changed much in the past 10 years, and we had a really nice time just catching up. Finally, Sunday was Josh’s 8th birthday party. He had a blast opening his presents, and I think by far his favorite gift was from my grandfather – a remote controlled BMW. Give him a car, and you a guaranteed to be a hit with Josh. 🙂 So, it was a packed and enjoyable weekend for us.

Before I go, I do have a funny for you. Jacob and Cassie had their annual physicals yesterday. After they were checked thoroughly, the doctor was showing me where they are on the growth charts. Jacob is finally 50 pounds (he is short and tiny for his age, so this was a major milestone for us). The doc made the comment that he is “50 pounds on the nose” and went back to plugging in info on her computer. Meanwhile, I glanced over and saw Jacob softly touching his nose looking puzzled, and I couldn’t help but giggle. I explained that the phrase she used meant he is exactly 50 pounds and not that his nose weighed or had 50 pounds on it. The ped was cracking up as much as Jacob and I were by this point. Funny what goes through their minds. LOL

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